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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Misdemeanor charges should not be taken lightly. If you or a loved one has been charged with a misdemeanor, consult with an attorney now. There could be serious consequences if you do not seek representation. Our law firm is ready and determined to protect you from misdemeanor criminal prosecution.

WHAT IS A MISDEMEANOR? Generally, a misdemeanor is a criminal offense punishable with12 months imprisonment or less. Felonies, on the other hand, are more serious offenses that carry at least a year of imprisonment. 

HOW MUCH JAIL TIME FOR A MISDEMEANOR? A judge may sentence a person to jail time, impose a fine or both. Each misdemeanor class has a maximum possible sentence and a maximum possbile fine.

  • Class A misdemeanor: Up to one year incarceration and up to $6,250 in fines.
  • Class B misdemeanor: Up to six months incarceration and up to $2,500 in fines.
  • Class C misdemeanor: Up to 30 days incarceration and up to $1,250 in fines.
  • WHAT CRIMES ARE MISDEMEANORS?   Some examples of misdemeanors are listed below. However, this is just a short list. 
    • Theft
    • Public intoxication
    • Simple assault
    • Harassment
    • Prostitution
    • Disorderly conduct
    • Resisting Arrest
    • Carrying of Concealed Weapons
    • False Swearing
    • Trespass
    • Vandalism
    • Driving While Suspended
    • DUII
    • Reckless Driving
    • Recklessly Endangering Another Person
    HOW WE CAN HELP?   Our attorneys will meet with you to listen to the facts surrounding your arrest and charge. We will review the evidence and determine the best strategy to defend against prosecution. If the charges can get dropped or reduced, we will take that path. Otherwise, we are prepared to fight hard and do everything possible to get you the best available outcome. Our attorneys care about each of our clients and we will give you advice and guidance throughout the entire process.
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