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Our firm represents clients dealing with divorce proceedings. We understand that dealing with a divorce can be difficult, emotional and very unpleasant. No matter how stressful your spouse or situation may be, we are committed to obtaining the best possible results while vigorously protecting your interest.

DIVORCE: Divorces can be simple, or they can be complicated. Depending on your circumstances, you may be faced with difficult decisions during your divorce. Those decisions could drastically change the quality of your life. When couples have little to no child or joint property, the divorce process can be simple. However, for most couples, divorces become complicated when a considerable amount of property is involved.

Couples often disagree as to how the property should be divided. When there are disagreements, it is important to seek legal representation to effectively protect your interest during the process. Our law firm will listen to you. We will understand the facts and strengths of your case.

SHOULD I HIRE AN ATTORNEY?: At first, a divorce may seem as simple as filling out the forms on the court's website. However, as the process moves forward, what seemed like simple paper work and a fast negotiation between both spouses turns into a complicated and highly contested battle.There are many advantages with hiring an attorney, especially in complicated situations.

An attorney can help you effectively negotiate with the opposing party throughout the process. At the same time, an attorney can help you reduce the stress and anxiety associated with trying to figure out the procedural rules and how to file paper work. In addition, representing yourself can have long lasting adverse consequences. Delays, and simple mistakes could be avoided.

When there is evidence of physical abuse or substance abuse being used against you, representing yourself can put you at a serious disadvantage. In situations involving complex financial and real estate issues, it is strongly recommended to hire an attorney because many issues will be disputed by the opposing party.

Although retaining a lawyer may be intimidating, it will be investment that can lead to a positive outcome.

CONTACT US: We care about our clients and we are prepared to help you today.


(1)What are the grounds for a divorce in Oregon?

Oregon is a “no-fault” state which means that you do not need to prove fault on the part of your spouse to get a divorce. All that is required is to state that you and your spouse have developed “irreconcilable differences” which means that you and your spouse do not agree on certain issues fundamental to the marriage.

(2) How do I file for a divorce in Oregon?

One spouse must file a petition with the court and becomes the Petitioner. The other spouse is the Respondent. The Petitioner must have the Respondent personally served and the Respondent has thirty days to respond to the petition.

(3) Do all divorce cases go to trial?

No, most divorce cases are settled out of court and parties might never have to appear at trial. We care about our clients and we are prepared to help you today.
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